Lighthouses add a delightful touch to any lawn and garden décor.  We offer many styles and sizes constructed either of Poly Vinyl (Click here) or Wood (See Below). Most are replicas of actual existing Lighthouses on our coasts today.  Other choices include the colors of your favorite sports team!  Sizes range from 18" to 10'.

Lighthouse Picture Gallery
White/Hunter Green
Cape Hatteras Style
Cape Henry Style
Beige/Hunter Green
White/Belmont Blue
​White/Hunter Green
Standard Style
Stars & Stripes
Cape Cod Gray / White
Gray / White
Hunter Green / Beige
Belmont Blue / White
White / Red
White / Navy Blue
​Red / White
CWF Stain
Hunter Green / White
Navy Blue / White
White / Black
​Red / White / Black
White / Red
White / Red
Cape Lookout
​Fire Island
West Quoddy Head
White / Black
White / Black
​Red / White / Black
At Night!
Solar Accent Light

This will turn your lighthouse on at dusk and off at dawn and you can choose between solid on and rotating - makes for a real conversation piece!
Wooden & PolyVinyl Lighthouses
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Wooden              Price

  18" Tall                   $  99
  2'   Tall                    $162
  3'   Tall                    $210
  4'   Tall                    $239
  5'   Tall                    $331
  6'   Tall                    $400
  8'   Tall                    $559
 10'  Tall                    $1065
Solar Light               $  94